Are Ear Gear Products Acoustically Transparent?

Ear Gear is a spandex acoustically transparent washable sleeve that protects hearing instruments from sweat, dirt, moisture, loss and wind noise. Ear Gear improves the wearer's hearing instrument experience and is the best form of inexpensive insurance available. Ear Gear has various models for all sizes of BTEs as well as for Cochlear Implant, Baha, and ITE wearers. Available in 8 fashionable colors plus custom options in corded and cordless and mono models. Ear Gear models for eyeglasses are also manufactured.


ear-gear-acoustically-transparentWe are proud to make a product that not only protects hearing instruments but is completely acoustically transparent so there's no distortion of sound for the wearer. We know this because we put Ear Gear to the test!

Lakeside Hearing conducted the Electro-Acoustic Analysis and this is what they found, proving that our product is acoustically transparent:


A Starkey Destiny 800 BTE (serial number 09-070798) and a Siemens Pure 500 Receiver in the Canal hearing aid (serial number 24057) were used to analyze the acoustic response of hearing aid specifications with and without Ear Gear. The hearing aids were analyzed through real ear measures in a patient’s ear and also in the test box. Overall results show that the Ear Gear is acoustically transparent. There was no reduction in gain at 0 degrees azimuth, or at 90 degrees azimuth during real ear measures. There was also no reduction in average OSLP90, or average gain at 50 dB in the test box.

Full analysis available on request.

Give Ear Gear a try and you'll see why our product has been trusted countless times to protect hearing instruments from sweat, dirt, moisture, loss and wind noise. We offer a 1-year unconditional guarantee!

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