Choose your own Hearing Aid Fashion Accessory today!

We all have our own sense of style.  Some of us have a favorite sports team.  Others only wear shades of pink.  And for those who wear hearing aids, some want to conceal them and others want to colorfully show off their hearing aid fashion. It's up to you!  Ear Gear has options for everyone. 



Match the jersey of your sports team or school colors.

Pair a fuschia shirt with a Lipstick Pink pair of Ear Gear.

Conceal hearing aids with Beige or Chocolate Brown to match skin tone or hair color. 


For those who are wanting to make a bold fashion statement, choose Custom Ear Gear!
Zebra print? Check. Leopard print? Check. Bright Rainbows? Check. 

You choose the color and pattern for the spandex sleeve that covers and protects the hearing instrument from sweat, dirt, moisture and wind noise. On the corded models, you can also choose the color of the hearing aid clip, stretch cord, and O-ring. 

Custom Ear Gear are made locally and can take up to 15 business days for construction. Please note: Due to their uniqueness, all Custom orders are non-refundable or exchangeable . Ear Gear Points, or any other discount cannot be used on Custom Orders. 


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