Hearing Aid Fashion Doesn't Have to Cost a Pretty Penny

When you go shopping for eyeglasses, the options seem to be endless. There's no hiding glasses. There they are. Right smack dab in the middle of your face. So why not get funky, colorful and be as fashionable as you can with your new glasses?  
But what about hearing aids? Now, in recent years, manufacturers have gotten much better with adding more choices than the regular beige. Not that there's anything wrong with beige. Some people want to minimize their hearing instrument's appearance as much as possible. And that's okay! 


But as stated in this article by Audiology Worldnews, many people are opting to go in
the same direction as glasses, adding more color and making their hearing aids a personal fashion statement. The article goes on to explain that almost anything goes with hearing aids these days as younger people are dressing them up with bright colors to show off their uniqueness.  Even younger seniors are choosing hearing aids that stand out. We say, "YES" to having more fun with hearing instruments! 
So, what are the choices when it comes to making your hearing aids more fashionable? 

1. Purchase new hearing instruments. However, this can be expensive. 
2. Add stickers or a decorative "skin" to the hearing device from a site like Skinit
3. The best and least expensive option? Purchase Ear Gear!  You'll even get the added benefits of hearing instrument protection against sweat, dirt, moisture, loss and wind noise. Plus, you can change the color and pattern of Ear Gear daily if you want.  You're never stuck with the same one. FUN! 

Ear Gear is a soft, spandex, acoustically transparent sleeve that slips over the hearing aid. This sleeve acts as armor to protect your expensive device.  All models are available with an optional cord and clip, attachable to clothing to prevent hearing aid loss. 

As shown in one of our recent polls, many of our clients have more than one pair. 
It's suggested that our customers do have 2 pair, just in case you can't find one of the pairs, one pair has become dirty and needs a wash, or you like to match your Ear Gear to your outfit of the day. 

Ear Gear is available in a wide variety of colors for those who want to show off their hearing aid and make a fashion statement.  There are even custom options that allow you to mix and match sleeves, attachable cords and clips. Check out our new Psychedelic Custom Ear Gear launched in summer 2018! 

For those wanting to conceal the hearing device, neutral colors such as beige, chocolate brown, black and grey are also available. 

For everyone else who chooses to stand out, we've got your hearing aid covered with the best hearing aid fashion around! Not only does Ear Gear come is awesome colors, but it protects your hearing instruments as well, all at one low price. 

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