How to wear a face mask with hearing aids

TLDR: Our Ear Gear Corded models have been proven to help prevent you from losing your hearing aids when removing your mask. The sleeve attaches to your hearing aid and clips to your shirt so that if (or when) your hearing falls off when removing your face mask, it will dangle harmlessly from your shirt instead of falling and getting lost or damaged. We have a model for every size hearing instrument - Shop our Ear Gear Corded collection now.

The Ear Gear Points System - What Happened to it, and What's Next

Hi everyone! We're writing to let you know about some changes that are coming your way from the team at Ear Gear. We spent most of 2019 thinking about our customers and how we can better serve you. We launched our new website earlier this month (and we hope you like it!), we've upgraded our shipping processes to provide you with faster, trackable shipping, and we will be rolling out a bunch of new programs that will make it easier for you to shop, save, and show off your Ear Gear.

Hiking with a Hearing Aid? 4 Tips to Help

It's no surprise that hearing instruments take a little bit of getting used to. Most people adjust pretty quickly to their new hearing instrument during normal indoor settings, like work or home. Ear Gear has many customers that are also avid hikers and we've heard from them that it's not quite such an easy adjustment!

The Ear Gear Story

Our Daughter Shameera was born in October 1996. She was our second child. Both my wife and I quickly realized that she was not meeting her developmental milestones. Testing revealed that she had a rare chromosome abnormality called Partial Trisomy 18. In addition to having a significant cognitive delay, Shameera also had a mild to moderate hearing loss which was diagnosed at the age of two. She started wearing behind the ear hearing aids soon after. Then came the challenge. How to keep them on!

The Answer to Wearing Hearing Aids and Glasses, Comfortably

Hearing aids and glasses. Can they really work well together or are they forever like oil and water? From what we understand, this is a common question that audiologists receive when fitting their patients with new hearing instruments. The answer is YES, hearing aids and glasses can be worn together, and actually be a comfortable experience.

Colorful Ear Gear and Hearing Aid Combo

Take a look at this color combo! Big thanks to @nicktedd on Instagram for sharing this photo. Awesome hearing aid accessories to show off your unique personality. That's what we do and love.

Reduce Hearing Aid Wind Noise with Ear Gear

Even though Ear Gear may appear to be a cover to protect against dust and moisture, it also has another function. The spandex sleeve reduces wind noise, giving people improved ability to understand speech during conversations in windy situations outdoors. We have received many testimonials from happy clients who attest that Ear Gear reduces wind noise and improves overall hearing.

Worried About Losing Your Hearing Aid? Hearing Aid Clips Are Your Answer!

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has never lost a hearing aid, then you haven’t experienced the sense of panic that comes along with it - we hope you never do. For those of you who have lost a hearing device or worry about it, then hearing aid clips are your answer.

Customer Story: Burton Falk

These Ear Gear products are fantastic and work great while Im riding my motorcycle. First ride with the Ear Gear was on Route 66. No more wind noise or dirt getting into my hearing aids. Ear Gear looks great and fits great. Thank You EAR GEAR for a great product ! Burton Falk, NY, USA Hearing Professional: ASA Hearing - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Hearing Aids Go Missing - Prevent It With Ear Gear

Think you're the only one who has lost a hearing aid? Maybe more than one hearing aid? You're not. Google "hearing aid loss" and you'll get hundreds of results full of advice on what to do when you've lost one of your important (and expensive) devices. However, only Ear Gear can tell you how to PREVENT losing a hearing aid.