Are Ear Gear Products Acoustically Transparent?

Ear Gear is a spandex acoustically transparent washable sleeve that protects hearing instruments from sweat, dirt, moisture, loss and wind noise. Ear Gear improves the wearer's hearing instrument experience and is the best form of inexpensive insurance available. Ear Gear has various models for all sizes of BTEs as well as for Cochlear Implant, Baha, and ITE wearers. Available in 8 fashionable colors plus custom options in corded and cordless and mono models. Ear Gear models for eyeglasses are also manufactured.

Ear Gear - Not Just for Summer!

If you wear hearing instruments of any kind, you've probably worn Ear Gear to places like the beach, golf course, hiking and biking trails plus many other places to enjoy the warm weather. Ear Gear's spandex blend material helps wick moisture away from the hearing device, preventing short circuits and corrosion. It also helps keep them safe from loss if you choose our Ear Gear corded models with their stretchy cord and durable locking clip that attaches to clothing. Even wind noise is dramatically reduced with Ear Gear to make activities like biking or driving in a convertible car much more fun. 

How Ear Gear Helps Hearing Instrument Wearers During Winter Sports

One of the misconceptions about Ear Gear is that it's essentially only for hot summer weather, but Ear Gear has a number of benefits for hearing aids in the winter.  There are a host of winter sports where hearing instruments can be at risk of being damaged by moisture and quite possibly lost.   Here are examples of how Ear Gear can protect your hearing aids while enjoying winter sports: Hearing Aids and Skiing When going down the mountain at a high speed, hearing instruments can easily become lost as they fall off the ear. Ear Gear corded models prevent hearing aid loss. You might think that wearing a helmet will prevent hearing instruments from falling off, but when taking off or adjusting the helmet the device can come off the ear and fall into the deep snow. Ever tried finding a hearing aid on a ski hill?  It's very difficult, if not impossible!

Wind: Great for Many Things but not Hearing Aids

Have you ever heard the loud, annoying sounds of someone blowing into a microphone? That's pretty much what hearing aid wearers experience on windy days, or even just riding their bike or riding in a convertible. You can imagine how enjoyable this is! 

Can I Wash Ear Gear in a Washing Machine?

Ear Gear is essential for keeping out moisture and dirt from all kinds of hearing aids.  This means that the sleeves will get dirty from time to time. They need a good washing! know how often socks go missing in the wash. Your Ear Gear is much smaller so don't risk losing one or both in the same washing machine vortex that steals socks.

7 Reasons Ear Gear Makes Customers Smile

Ear Gear has been making customers smile for over 13 years for these 7 reasons:

Customer Story: Gertrude Harris

Love the Ear Gear because it helps the hearing aids (Resound LiNX 3D 962) feel more comfortable to me as they are positioned behind my ears with the eye glass frame. Then too, when I walk in the heat of summer Ear Gear helps to protect my hearing aids from the perspiration I experience. I use the gray color Ear Gear which I received from Clear Sound Audiology in Gainesville, Florida. Thank You! Gertrude Harris, FL, USA Hearing Professional: Clear Sound Audiology - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Don Lacy

I wear Ear Gear when I am working outside doing yard work.  Ear Gear helps keep dust off my hearing aids. Also Ear Gear keeps my hearing aids dry when I am sweating. Don Lacy, CO, USA Hearing Professional: McArthur Audiology - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Send Ear Gear Back to School to Keep Children's Hearing Aids Safe

Going back to school is a busy and exciting time for children, parents, and teachers. If you have a child who wears hearing aids or cochlear implants, it can be a bit worrisome too. 

Wear Hearing Aids at the Gym, Worry-Free!

It's a frequently asked question, "Should I wear hearing aids while at the gym?”