Wear Hearing Aids at the Gym, Worry-Free!

It's a frequently asked question, "Should I wear hearing aids while at the gym?”

Yes. The answer is always a resounding YES! The benefits of wearing your hearing aids at the gym far outweigh leaving them in the car or locker.



But for some, these reasons could be stopping you from wearing hearing aids during your workout:

  • My sweat can damage my hearing aids.
  • I don’t need hearing aids while working out.
  • My hearing aids could be lost or damaged.
  • Other people will be looking at me.

The truth is, none of these are good reasons to ditch the hearing aids. Balance can be affected, you may not hear instructions from a trainer or emergency alarms, or your devices could be stolen from the locker room. Inside the gym, hearing aids can be accidentally dropped while on the treadmill and yes, sweat causes short-circuiting and damage to the hearing aids.

As for the last concern - no one is looking at you. Have you seen the people at a gym? Their hair is a mess, they're grunting while lifting weights and much too busy to be concerned about what they're doing to ever worry about hearing aids on another person. Don't let this stop you!

Ear Gear has the solution for a comfortable, stress-free workout. 

If you've been searching for a way to prevent damage, loss, and sweat from affecting your hearing aids at the gym, then you need to get a couple of pairs of Ear Gear right now! When one pair gets saturated with moisture, switch it out for a fresh one. You'll be amazed at how much longer you can work out.


NOTE: We can't guarantee actual physical improvement in your running stamina - sorry, that's up to you - but your hearing aids will be able to keep up no matter how long you want to run!! 


At Ear Gear, we get numerous messages from customers looking for a way to keep their hearing aids on while at the gym. They either opt for the corded models that clip to the clothing and act as a durable, secure hearing aid retention device OR the cordless models to solely protect against nasty sweat. Both work wonders for your gym workout. 


Eric Weiner said it best, "I sweat a lot during spin class. My last pair of hearing aids stopped working in the middle of a spin class. With Ear Gear, my hearing aids are protected and I am worry-free. After class, I am amazed at how they stay dry despite all the sweat. I will never work out again without using Ear Gear."




Do you want to get through a workout and not worry about sweat and the damage it can cause?


Ear Gear and its double-walled spandex fabric wicks it away, keeping the moisture out of the hearing aid's delicate electrical components.  Purchase the corded version with durable locking clip for added protection against loss and to prevent dropping them on the floor. 

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