Tired of your customers losing their hearing aids? Try Ear Gear

Why losing a hearing aid is a pain

Losing hearing aids can be a real pain for both your customers and for your audiology practice. There’s a sense of despair that your customers feel when they lose something important. By the time they’ve reached out to your office they’ve probably retraced their steps 100 times trying to find it. Sure, they may have bought insurance or an extended warranty. It may even be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. While that certainly helps to soften the blow, it’s still a major inconvenience for your customer.

For your office, it can be just as inconvenient. Your office will likely be the one dealing with the manufacturer or insurance company to file the claim. You’ll likely have to schedule another appointment to fit the new hearing device on your customer. Even if you charge a small fee for the hassle of dealing with the replacement, this is still a pretty bad use of your time.


How can Ear Gear help


Here at Ear Gear, our mission is to help people with hearing loss have a better experience while wearing their hearing devices. The very first Ear Gear was created for our founder’s daughter to help secure her hearing aid to her shirt. As we developed our product, we wanted to address three major things.

  1. helps people avoid losing hearing aids
  2. protects hearing devices from the elements (sweat, dirt, moisture, sweat)
  3. cuts down on wind noise.

Our Corded models will let your customers clip their hearing device to their shirt so that if it does fall off while they’re out and about, it will simply dangle harmlessly from your customer’s shirt.


If your clients wear glasses, we also have Eyeglasses models that come with an o-ring to attach their hearing device to the arms of their glasses, keeping them safe and secure. 


We believe that audiologists and hearing professionals benefit from providing Ear Gear to their customers. That’s why we launched our new Ear Gear Partner Program earlier this year.


  1. Customers with Ear Gear are happier. When you provide Ear Gear during your customer’s trial period, their overall happiness will increase, along with their likelihood to buy. Our initial research indicates that audiologists who do this sell at least 10% more hearing devices per month.
  2. Audiologists who give Ear Gear to their customers after they purchase cut down on the number of unnecessary appointments by about 50%.
  3. To monetize Ear Gear, you can resell Ear Gear through one of our worldwide distributors or sign up for a wholesale account directly with us. 

If you’re looking to become more efficient with your time, drive some additional revenue and help your customers who are worried about losing hearing aids, then it’s time to try Ear Gear.




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