When Should Ear Gear Be Offered To Patients?

We did a recent survey of Ear Gear customers to dive deep and find out more about what they think of our products. We asked them, "When did your hearing professional sell or give you Ear Gear?"  




When I purchased my hearing aids: 16.05%
After my hearing aids were repaired: 6.59%
When I complained: 24.32%
When I lost my hearing aids: 2.70%
Ear Gear was never offered: 50.34%

However, almost 80% said they were extremely satisfied with the product once received and 94.5% would likely purchase again. 

We know that hundreds of audiology clinics, like you, offer Ear Gear to clients! By doing so, you're going above and beyond the service of what our customers are typically experiencing and helping to prevent damage and loss of your patients' expensive devices. We all understand how crucial this is for hearing aid wearers and we appreciate your support! Visit us online to read the whole survey.

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