Ear Gear: Not Only A Fashionable Twist to Wearing Hearing Aids

Discover how adding Ear Gear can change and enhance the look and feel of your hearing aids while providing protection and boosting your confidence and style.

Should I Wear Ear Gear If I Choose to Sleep With  My Hearing Aids On?

Discover the benefits of Ear Gear when sleeping with hearing aids on.

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Are you looking for high-quality, affordable, and secure protection and security for your hearing devices? If yes, then look no further. Welcome to the world of Ear Gear! We are a leading provider of top-notch hearing device accessories, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers get the very best. Here's why you should choose Ear Gear.

Are Ear Gear Products Acoustically Transparent?

Ear Gear is a spandex acoustically transparent washable sleeve that protects hearing instruments from sweat, dirt, moisture, loss and wind noise. Ear Gear improves the wearer's hearing instrument experience and is the best form of inexpensive insurance available. Ear Gear has various models for all sizes of BTEs as well as for Cochlear Implant, Baha, and ITE wearers. Available in 8 fashionable colors plus custom options in corded and cordless and mono models. Ear Gear models for eyeglasses are also manufactured.