Athletes and Hearing Instruments: Protection 101

Hearts thumping, sweat trickling, steady hands and feet at the ready. We’ve all felt the endorphin rush of athletic exertion; it is one of the few sensations that make us feel most alive.

The Answer to Wearing Hearing Aids and Glasses, Comfortably

Hearing aids and glasses. Can they really work well together or are they forever like oil and water? From what we understand, this is a common question that audiologists receive when fitting their patients with new hearing instruments. The answer is YES, hearing aids and glasses can be worn together, and actually be a comfortable experience.

Can I Wash Ear Gear in a Washing Machine?

Ear Gear is essential for keeping out moisture and dirt from all kinds of hearing aids.  This means that the sleeves will get dirty from time to time. They need a good washing! know how often socks go missing in the wash. Your Ear Gear is much smaller so don't risk losing one or both in the same washing machine vortex that steals socks.

Tips to Protect your Hearing Aids During Summer

Longer days. Popsicles. Sunny patios. Time off school. Ahhhh. Summer is here! If these summer treats aren’t your cup of iced tea and you have bigger plans like an overseas vacation, a week at the beach, a theme park, or a golf trip - we've got the hearing aid tips to beat the heat wherever your summer takes you! Your hearing aids need to be protected from not only the heat but what comes with it; sweat, dirt, sand, rain, humidity, lake or salt water, wind noise and even loss. 

Can I use Ear Gear without removing my ear mold?

If you need to install Ear Gear without removing the earmold, then we have a simple solution.  It's called "Reverse Loading" and can be done in just two steps:

How to Install Ear Gear on any Hearing Aid Model

Ear Gear Micro, Mini, Original and FM are designed with two openings. One at the top for the ear hook, one at the bottom for access to the battery. To install Ear Gear onto your hearing aid, simply insert the tubing of the hearing aid through the wide end of the sleeve and slide the sleeve onto your hearing aid.