Game Changer: Protecting Hearing Aids in Team Sports

Discover how Ear Gear revolutionizes the protection of hearing aids during sports activities, ensuring a worry-free and optimal performance. Learn about the importance of keeping hearing devices safe from sweat, dirt, moisture, and accidental damage, and how Ear Gear provides the ultimate solution for athletes with hearing aids.

Protecting Your Hearing Device at Home & On-the-Go

For those who rely on hearing aids, the upkeep and maintenance of these devices can be a relentless task. However, it is essential to ensure that these vital pieces of equipment are kept in optimum working order. Fortunately, there are products available to make this task much easier and efficient. The perfect combo for your hearing device is Ear Gear and hearing aid dryers. This powerful duo ensures that whether you're home at rest or on the go, your hearing device is well taken care of.

Ensuring Safe Trick or Treating: The Importance of Ear Gear for Kids with Hearing Aids

Discover how wearing Ear Gear can ensure a safe and enjoyable trick or treating experience for children with hearing aids.

Wind: Great for Many Things but not Hearing Aids

Have you ever heard the loud, annoying sounds of someone blowing into a microphone? That's pretty much what hearing aid wearers experience on windy days, or even just riding their bike or riding in a convertible. You can imagine how enjoyable this is!

Tips to Protect your Hearing Aids During Summer

Longer days. Popsicles. Sunny patios. Time off school. Ahhhh. Summer is here! If these summer treats aren’t your cup of iced tea and you have bigger plans like an overseas vacation, a week at the beach, a theme park, or a golf trip - we've got the hearing aid tips to beat the heat wherever your summer takes you! Your hearing aids need to be protected from not only the heat but what comes with it; sweat, dirt, sand, rain, humidity, lake or salt water, wind noise and even loss.

Protect Your Hearing Aids at the Beach

It's the time of year where summer getaways are in the planning stage. The beach is calling your name. For most of us, our checklist for the beach covers the regular items: sunscreen, towels, flip flops, swimsuit, water, and snacks. Having these necessities stowed in the beach bag should get you through the typical beach day, problem-free. However, if you wear hearing aids, other concerns could cause problems through the day like splashing waves, humidity, sweat, and that sand - oh, that sand that gets everywhere! If you're going to the beach, you might want to give some thought to hear aid care.

Winter Hearing Tips from Ear Gear

Depending on where you live in the world, the weather could be pretty cold and snowy right now. Those who live in colder winter climates don't let a little snow get in their way of enjoying the outdoors. Bundled up in scarves, hats, gloves, and of course, Ear Gear, we head out for a day on the ski hill, sledding, or snowshoeing.