Customer Story: Burton Falk

These Ear Gear products are fantastic and work great while Im riding my motorcycle. First ride with the Ear Gear was on Route 66. No more wind noise or dirt getting into my hearing aids. Ear Gear looks great and fits great. Thank You EAR GEAR for a great product ! Burton Falk, NY, USA Hearing Professional: ASA Hearing - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Gertrude Harris

Love the Ear Gear because it helps the hearing aids (Resound LiNX 3D 962) feel more comfortable to me as they are positioned behind my ears with the eye glass frame. Then too, when I walk in the heat of summer Ear Gear helps to protect my hearing aids from the perspiration I experience. I use the gray color Ear Gear which I received from Clear Sound Audiology in Gainesville, Florida. Thank You! Gertrude Harris, FL, USA Hearing Professional: Clear Sound Audiology - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Don Lacy

I wear Ear Gear when I am working outside doing yard work. Ear Gear helps keep dust off my hearing aids. Also Ear Gear keeps my hearing aids dry when I am sweating. Don Lacy, CO, USA Hearing Professional: McArthur Audiology - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Norma Sovka

I take medications that make me perspire. Unfortunately, I perspire from the sides of my head - directly above my hearing aids! Even with my hearing aids being moisture proof, I kept shorting out my batteries almost every day. Add the heat of summer to the mix and I was desperate! Ear Gear has saved my hearing aids!!! I never even know they're on because they are so comfortable! And they don't interfere with sound quality or volume. They actually decrease the noise of the wind. Thank you so much Ear Gear!! Norma Sovka, AB, Canada Hearing Professional: Acute Hearing - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Norman Marks

Got a set of Ear Gear covers just over a week ago and was amazed at the difference. I do a lot of work gardening work in the summer and my hearing aids were constantly giving me warning signals and then eventually stopped working. I'd have to take them out and let them sit for an hour or more to get them to work. Since I put Ear Gear on I have not had any problems at all. In fact now the batteries seem to be lasting a little longer. Norman Marks, BC, Canada Hearing Professional: Connect Hearing - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Angelo Bentivegna

Was having trouble with my hearing aids in the last few months due to sweating. Discovered Ear Gear online. They have been a life saver. Working out for over an hour and absolutely no problem !!! I am thrilled !!!!!. My brother also wears hearing aids and I will definitely recommend Ear Gear to him. Thank you Ear Gear! Angelo Bentivegna, ON, Canada - Product worn: Ear Gear Original

Customer Story: Tricia Good

I just received my Ear Gear Original and was thrilled when we went hiking. I didn’t have to worry about dirt and moisture damaging my hearing aids. For the first time I was able to hear the waterfalls as well as see them. Thank you so much! Tricia Good, KY, USA Hearing Professional: Family Hearing - Product worn: Ear Gear Original

Customer Story: Dalton Jones

I am writing this on behalf of my six year old son, Dalton, who has worn hearing aids since he was four. We are a very active family in Alaska, and do everything from four wheeling to snow-machining to boating and everything in between. Dalton is a typical little boy and will go play in the dirt any chance he can get. Through all of this he has always had his hearing aids on and his Ear Gear has assured me that his hearing aids are securely tethered to his shirt and keeping his hearing aids clean. After a 50 mile four wheeler trip, dust gets everywhere except in the microphones of Dalton’s hearing aids. After a recent check up with the audiologist, she assured me that Dalton’s hearing aids are in excellent shape thanks to Ear Gear! Ear Gear keeps Dalton on the go and allows him to explore all of Alaska’s backwoods without worry. It’s the best investment for hearing aids. Dalton Jones, AK, USA Hearing Professional: Northern hearing - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Stacy Clements

I first found Ear Gear after a work trip to Boston. I had to walk everywhere and was aids ended up having to get repaired and it was costly. I started my search and found Ear Gear and it has changed my life! I haven't had to repair my aids since wearing Ear Gear. I now don't have to be cautious outside during work-outs, my kids outside sporting events or any outside activities! Stacy Clements, GA, USA - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Anna Price

My son Gabby loves these. He picked them personally. He is non verbal so if his aids get lost he has no way of letting us know. Ear Gear helps us keep his cochlear safe. I would buy Ear Gear again and again to keep his cochlear implants safe and in place. Thank you so much for making these. They are very nice and have many choices. Anna Price, WA USA Hearing Professional: UW Audiology, UW Children's Hospital - Product worn: Ear Gear Cochlear