Customer Story: Pekka Karas

Hi I am 57 years old man. I love sports biking and walking. I sweat lots and for safe things when I bike my ears must work. A few times my Med El implant have gone down by sweat - awful situation. Now I use Ear bird in sky. No problem! Pekka Karas, Finland - Product worn: Ear Gear Cochlear

Customer Story: Jordi Cleries Quintana

My son Aleix, who is wearing Ear Gear Cochlear protection on both cochlear implants with excellent results against the moisture during the hot summer in our region. Jordi Cleries Quintana, Spain -Product worn: Ear Gear Cochlear

Customer Story: Savannah Olivares

We were recommended to Ear Gear by Sunshine Cottage. Diego was having some problems with his equipment falling off during recess and misplacing his fm system when it would fall to the ground. Diego is 5 years old and is a very active boy! He enjoys playing outside and loves to play with his brother, but I've always been a little uncomfortable with him playing and losing his cochlear's as he did at school. I purchased Ear Gear and it's been the best purchase I've ever made! Diego feels so comfortable and safe with his equipment on and he knows if it happens to fall he isn't gonna lose them anymore. It's made me feel so much more open to him playing and enjoying himself outside instead of me constantly checking on him. Thank you Ear Gear for giving Diego and Myself the comfort and security of him not losing his cochlear's!!! How does wearing a Hearing Instrument improve your life? Diego wearing his Hearing Instrument have improved his life in so many incredible ways! Word What service has your Hearing Professional provided you that you appreciated? Emily Jones is a Audiologist at Sunshine Cottage. She works with Diego almost daily and Diego as grown to love her this school year. She is a incredible women and always has great communication. Savannah Olivares , TX, USA Hearing Professional: Emily Jones, Sunshine Cottage - Product worn: Ear Gear Cochlear

Customer Story: Diane Stepaniuk

Ear Gear ITE has been a lifesaver! The cord with clip attachment helps the staff at my mom's care home to keep track of her hearing aids. In the past my mom (due to short term memory loss) has misplaced her hearing aids. Also ITE Ear Gear with bright red cord attached alerts staff so they don't forget to take out hearing aids at bedtime. Previously they have been found non functioning in the clothes dryer. Best of all, my mom can hear again! How does wearing a Hearing Instrument improve your life? Allows her to be more social. She is less confused because she can follow conversations and participate in other activities. What service has your Hearing Professional provided you that you appreciated? They came out on location to my mom's care home to do the molds for her new hearing aids (The old ones being lost.) Diane Stepaniuk, SK, Canada

Customer Story: Melissa May

My 18-month old LOVES his Ear Gear! I love knowing that his hearing aids are secure on his head and won't accidentally get lost while he rolls around and plays. They fit comfortably on his head and I like that I won't have to change sizes as he grows, the way you would with shoes. The clip is also very smooth and easy to use. I'm not concerned about any sharp metal edges accidentally scratching him as with other brands, and when he wears his hearing aids in his car seat or laying down, it does not leave an uncomfortable red mark on his neck. The ONLY downside for us- and this is purely because of his age- is that I cannot see the lights flash on his hardware to confirm the hearing aids are on and working properly and that they are not doing a low battery blink. Melissa May, MD, USA Hearing Professional: Joan LaCoss - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Michael Scott Ferguson

I had two issues with my new hearing aids before I tried Ear Gear. I did not want to have to remove them when wearing hearing protection to mow the lawn as there would be some sweating. And I would hear a whistling when it is windy. I do not have to worry about either of these issues any longer since I have my EAR GEAR hearing instrument armor! How does wearing a Hearing Instrument improve your life? I can now understand my granddaughter, my wife and conversations in a restaurant. Michael Scott Ferguson, LA, USA Hearing Professional: Miracle Ear - Product worn: Ear Gear FM

Customer Story: Steve Clarke

Just a quick note to say how wonderful my Ear Gear hearing aid covers are. In my job, I am required to help my passengers in and out of my mini-van come rain, wind or sunshine. I used to be very wary of getting out if it was raining .... I didn't want to short circuit! But now, with my Ear Gear on, bring on the rain, I'll still be working after a soaking! And Ear Gear also prevents similar problems in summer when it's hot and perspiration used to be a problem. Not any more .... with Ear Gear, life is "no sweat"! So a huge Thank You for making my life so much easier. Steve Clarke, UK Hearing Professional: National Health Service of Great Britain - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Kevin

I am a retired jockey living in Tampa Florida, where I did alot of my professional riding. I wear Resound hearing aids from Dr. Nancy Wong. An injury to my knee forced me to retire from riding, but I still work at the race track as a hot walker to stay connected with the horses. While holding them for baths everyday, my hearing aids would get wet from the hose and short out continually. Dr. Wong suggested Ear Gear a month ago and they work great. Thank you, How does wearing a Hearing Instrument improve your life? Makes me be able to answer others when they are asking me a question. Able to do my work around horses. Lets me hear the television better. What service has your Hearing Professional provided you that you appreciated? Sold me my hearing aids, and fixes and adjusts them when they need to be adjusted. Kevin, FL, USA Hearing Professional: Dr. Nancy Wong - Product worn: Ear Gear Micro

Customer Story: Lynne Solway

I have been wearing hearing aids for about ten years, but only recently have found the desperate need for Ear Gear. You see, as I am now retired, I have the luxury of being able to go to the Health & Fitness Center 5-6 times per week. Even a lady sweats when she works out, and moisture and hearing aids are definitely not a good combination! But I don't have to worry when I wear Ear Gear. And, the colors make Ear Gear a chic choice! Lynne Solway, Il, USA Hearing Professional: NorthShore Audio-Vestibular Lab, Long Grove, IL, USA - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Customer Story: Veronica Valles

Hi my name is Veronica Valles and this is my daughter Jaky. My daughter has her ears cuffed and it is hard for her hearing aids to stay on her ears. Thanks to her audiologist that recommended me Ear Gear, her hearing aids stay on all day and she's happy that she doesn't have to be putting them up all the time. Veronica Valles, IL, USA - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini