Hearing Aids Go Missing - Prevent It With Ear Gear

Think you're the only one who has lost a hearing aid? Maybe more than one hearing aid? You're not. Google "hearing aid loss" and you'll get hundreds of results full of advice on what to do when you've lost one of your important (and expensive) devices. However, only Ear Gear can tell you how to PREVENT losing a hearing aid. 


The founder and CEO of Ear Gear had the same problem when his daughter was younger. She was visiting at grandma's house and decided to play "hide the hearing aid from mom and dad". It was time to go home and the family looked everywhere. Well, Mark Rosal had had enough. After years of struggling to keep his daughter's hearing aids on her ears, safe from a game of 'hide and seek" and listening to her complaints about how uncomfortable they were to wear - he decided to do something about it. 

Ear Gear was invented!

This inexpensive solution makes the hearing aid experience much better for people of all ages. Ear Gear is an acoustically transparent spandex sleeve available in corded models - which you guessed it - prevents the hearing aid from getting lost. With a flexible, stretchy cord and durable locking clip, Ear Gear attaches the hearing aid to clothing. Ta da!! You'll never have to worry about losing another hearing aid and bearing the cost of replacement. 

You'll find Ear Gear customers everywhere... retirement homes, on the golf course, fishing, cycling, working on the farm, participating in outdoor activities they love... all while enjoying the security Ear Gear has to offer. 

Ear Gear not only prevents hearing aid loss! It also solves many issues caused by sweat, dirt, and moisture, as well as dramatically reducing wind noise. All of this in ONE hearing aid accessory?! YES!! 



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