The Awesome Benefits of Hearing Aid Clips for Glasses You Haven’t Thought About

You just purchased your brand new hearing aids.  They look great.  Your audiologist carefully explained how to care for them, how to keep them safe from the family dog and since you wear eyeglasses, mentioned hearing aid clips for glasses.  You brought them home without the hearing aid clips for glasses because you thought maybe you should get used to them before purchasing any accessories.


You were right and things are going well.  So well, you decide to wear them on your next fishing trip. You think to yourself, “my glasses get in the way of wearing the hearing aids a bit, but that’s okay, they’ll be fine.”  You even purchased the 2 year Certificate for Loss and Damage protection from the audiology clinic.  If something does happen to your hearing aids, then at least you’re covered.  

You get out on the boat and get splashed by some water on your eyeglasses.  As you take them off to wipe the water away, your hearing aid comes off as well and goes straight into the water.  This happens more than you think! 

When you call your audiologist to make an insurance claim, you’re told, “you can make a claim, but the deductible will be $650”.  The loss and damage certificate rarely offers full coverage and replacement of a lost hearing aid.  

Prevent the stress of damaged and/or lost hearing aids with Ear Gear.  

They have been selling hearing instrument armor since 2005 all over the world.  The acoustically transparent spandex sleeve fits right over the hearing instrument to protect it from damage and loss.   


What are the incredible benefits to Ear Gear hearing aid clips for glasses?  


1.  They are very inexpensive.    


Ear Gear offers eyeglasses models for almost any type of hearing aid on the market.  They also come in a variety of colors.  At a starting price of only $34.95 US, you can’t go wrong considering your deductible could be $650.  Prevent hearing aid loss in the first place with hearing aid clips for glasses.  


2.  They also prevent damage due to other environmental factors. 


If you were on that boat and got splashed by water, chances are your hearing aids got wet as well.  The tiniest bit of sweat, moisture, and dirt can disrupt the electrical system within the hearing aid and cause it to short out.  Wind noise is also something to consider in outdoor situations.  It can be very loud and not only tune out important sounds around you, but wind noise is also incredibly annoying.  


3.  They prevent forgetful moments. 


For new hearing aid wearers, and even long-time wearers, forgetful moments do occur. If the hearing aids are attached using hearing aid clips for glasses, it’s very unlikely that you’ll leave your hearing aids on as you step into a shower. Since you take off your glasses, the hearing aids will be removed along with them, saving the glasses from a good dowsing.  When naptime hits, it’s nice to know that when you take off your glasses and lay down, your hearing aids are attached to the hearing aid clips for glasses and will be right there with your glasses when you wake up - not lost in the couch cushions or under the bed.   

Need the world’s best hearing instrument protection and security device (H.I.P.S)? 

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