The Answer to Wearing Hearing Aids and Glasses, Comfortably

Hearing aids and glasses. Can they really work well together or are they forever like oil and water? From what we understand, this is a common question that audiologists receive when fitting their patients with new hearing instruments. The answer is YES, hearing aids and glasses can be worn together, and actually be a comfortable experience.


What's the trick to wearing hearing aids and glasses? 


First, speak with your audiologist and find the perfect hearing instrument for you. The days of your grandpa's hearing aids are gone and with so many options on the market, it can be exciting to find modern, sleek devices but without an expert on your side, it can also overwhelming and confusing. 

Next, follow these top tips from the hearing professionals:

  • Get into the habit of removing your glasses by pulling them forward with both hands instead of up with one to avoid knocking off the hearing aid. 
  • Consider the size of the BTE hearing aids before purchasing. There is a new style called the mini BTE which can be less bulky and enhances comfort. 
  • Another good habit to form is to put on your glasses first and then your hearing aids. This will help maneuver your hearing aid around the rigid arm of your glasses. Take a look in the mirror to make sure your hearing aid is sitting correctly on and in your ear. 

However, bare hearing aids will always run the risk of hitting the arm of your glasses while walking around or even driving in a car on a bumpy road. The constant, annoying noise can drive anyone crazy! 



To prevent it, grab an Ear Gear Eyeglasses model today. The soft, acoustically transparent spandex sleeve not only wicks away moisture, protects against dirt and dust and reduces wind noise but it also prevents hearing aids from rubbing against your glasses. What more could you ask? Our Eyeglasses models are specifically designed to work with your glasses!


This all-in-one hearing aid armor is the inexpensive answer you've been looking for, to both protect your hearing aid and provide a more comfortable experience.


Original Cordless Eyeglasses Beige

Here's what Ear Gear customer, Tom Wendel (pictured in main image), says about the product:


'Now that I have my Ear Gear, no more "shorting out" due to sweating or getting caught in a rain shower. Ear Gear also eliminates the noise from your glasses hitting the bare hearing aid! The beige ones are invisible to others. Really helps in warmer weather, keeps delicate components dry and even reduces wind noise! I keep a spare pair to use when I wash/dry my reusable Ear Gear. As an added bonus, the batteries seem to last a day or two longer with the usage of Ear Gear.'




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