Hearing Aid Retainers: Why You Need One and What to Look For


Hearing aid retainers are simple but important hearing aid accessories. Designed to securely hold onto your hearing aid or cochlear implant when you engage in your daily activities – even very active ones, like running, golfing, cleaning, or dancing – they can save you a lot of money by preventing your hearing aid from getting damaged or lost.


Imagine this scenario: You just purchased a brand new pair of hearing aids for yourself or your child. They sound great. And they should – because they weren’t cheap! Your audiologist carefully explained how to replace the battery and care for them, like keeping them safe from the family dog and not using hairspray when they’re in. 


Feeling good, you wear your hearing aid on your next fishing trip. Or your daughter wears hers in her next soccer match. You get out on your boat and some water splashes on your face and your eyeglasses. So, you take your glasses off to wipe them off and, Pop!, your hearing aid goes toppling into the water. Or your daughter goes in for a goal and slips on the grass. Out goes her hearing aid, only to be crushed under the zealous goalie’s cleats.


These scenarios happen more often than you can imagine, and what do most people do? They call their audiologist to make an insurance claim, only to learn their deductible is 10% of the cost of the hearing aids, which could be $200, $500, or more. And if it’s the second time they’ve lost or damaged their device, they might have to pay the full replacement cost out of pocket.

Hearing Aid Retainers: They’re Cheaper than Insurance and Replacements

As you’re probably aware, the average cost for a pair of hearing aids costs the consumer thousands of dollars. Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids can be less expensive but might have a less comprehensive warranty. Needless to say, losing or damaging a hearing aid can be a very costly problem.


Luckily, there’s a simple and effective solution that’s also affordable: wearing a hearing aid retainer.

What Exactly Is a Hearing Aid Retainer? 

A hearing aid retainer is a catch-all term that describes an accessory that’s designed to securely hold onto your device, whether it’s securing it to your head or making sure it’s attached to your clothing so you don’t lose it if it falls out. 


Essentially, a hearing aid retainer consists of two parts: One part attaches to the hearing aid and the other part attaches to you, such as to your clothing. In particular,


Ear Gear is the only manufacturer that provides hearing aid retainers for all hearing devices that utilize a sleeve that your device can fit into, which then attaches to a retainer cord. In addition, Ear Gear is the only manufacturer that creates a hearing aid retainer that attaches to your eyeglasses. 


What’s important is that the hearing aid retainer you select is designed to securely retain the make and model of device you have, whether it’s behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, or an implant.  

What to Look for in a Hearing Aid Retainer

What makes a good hearing aid retainer? Below are some qualities to look for.


The hearing aid retainer should be:

  • Designed to work with your make and model of hearing aid. Some of us have behind-the-ear hearing aids, others have in-the-ear, and still others have implants. As mentioned above, the key is finding a retainer that’s made for your specific type of device. For example, Ear Gear designs hearing aid retainers for virtually every type of make and model of hearing device.

  • Comfortable to wear: Unlike sweat bands that can be cumbersome and uncomfortable (especially in hotter weather!), Ear Gear hearing aid retainers include a hearing aid sleeve or cover made with a comfortable nylon-spandex fabric that slips easily directly onto the hearing device, doesn’t chafe the skin and whisks away moisture, making it comfortable to wear while securing your device. 

  • Easy to take on and off. Whether you’re a senior with arthritis or a parent with a super-active child, you want a retainer that’s easy to take on or off. This means it’s easy to connect to your device on one end and your clothing with the other. 

  • Made with quality materials that are built to last. There are plenty of options available for retention, and generally you get what you pay for when it comes to hearing aid retainers. If you really want to protect your device, go with a provider that uses top-notch materials. Ear Gear puts quality first when it comes to designing our products. In fact, we’re so confident about our quality that we offer a one-year, unconditional manufacturers guarantee!

  • Available in colors and styles that suit your taste and needs. Many people don’t think of their hearing aid as a fashion accessory. But just like choosing a great-looking pair of eyeglasses, your hearing aid retainer can complete your look. Ear Gear is the only provider that offers hearing aid retainers, sleeves, and clips in a variety of colors and patterns. For example, if you’re going to a black tie event, there’s a style in black. Or if you’re shopping for your child, there are styles in fun, bright colors. For those who love to design, there’s the Custom line.

  • Designed for children, if the device is worn by a child. While seniors buy the most hearing aids, the fact is, children and people of all ages wear them too. Children who wear hearing aids (and their parents) can benefit greatly from pairing a hearing aid retainer with the hearing device. To begin, it’s easy for active children to lose their hearing aids. So, a quality retainer that attaches the device to the child’s clothing is a great preventive measure to avoid having to replace it. In addition, kids might not like wearing their hearing aids at all. So, getting a retainer that’s durable, comfortable, and colorful can be the perfect solution. 

Benefits of Using a Hearing Aid Retainer

By now, you’re probably sold on why a hearing aid retainer is the perfect complement for your hearing device. But in case you need more convincing, here are a few key benefits to wearing a hearing aid retainer:

1. They’re an inexpensive form of insurance.

As mentioned earlier, you can’t always count on your insurance carrier to cover a replacement pair of hearing aids. So, wearing a hearing aid retainer can safeguard your valuable hearing instrument from accidental loss or damage while still being very cost-effective.

2. You’ll have one less thing to worry about losing.

Whether you’re new to wearing a hearing aid or you’ve been wearing one for years, you probably know that forgetful moments can happen to any of us. And if you’re the type of person who tends to misplace things, like your reading glasses or your phone, you know you don’t want to add another expensive item to that list. A quality hearing aid retainer can be the solution to not misplacing your hearing aid.

3. They’re great for kids who wear hearing aids.

If your child wears a hearing aid, a hearing aid retainer can be invaluable. Whether your child plays sports or they’re simply your average active kid, if they wear a hearing device, the odds are good that it will become dislodged, misplaced, or damaged at some point. A quality hearing aid retainer can ensure that your child's hearing aid doesn’t get lost and you’re not constantly running to the audiologist for replacement. 


In summary, a quality hearing aid retainer offers a cost-effective way to ensure your vital hearing device is protected from damage or loss, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. This can free you up to enjoy the activities you love without stressing out about your hearing aid or implant. 


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