Wind: Great for Many Things but not Hearing Aids

Have you ever heard the loud, annoying sounds of someone blowing into a microphone? That's pretty much what hearing aid wearers experience on windy days, or even just riding their bike or riding in a convertible. You can imagine how enjoyable this is! 

windThere are some recommendations, like wearing a scarf or hat over the hearing aid. But that can still cause the sound of rustling and may even block some of the sounds you do want coming into the device. 

Another option? You can upgrade your hearing aids. That sounds a bit expensive, doesn't it? It can be!! 

We recommend you try Ear Gear! It not only eliminates wind noise from hearing aids but has other added benefits like:

  • Protects against dirt, sand, and dust from entering the hearing aid.
  • Protects against sweat and moisture from corroding and damaging the delicate electrical components. 
  • Protects against hearing aid loss. Yes!! Use Ear Gear corded models which come with a stretchy, flexible cord and durable locking clip. Simply attach Ear Gear to your clothing and VOILA! Never worry about losing another hearing aid. 

No more wind noise. No more damage. No more worrying about loss - with one inexpensive hearing aid accessory. 



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