Ear Gear - Not Just for Summer!

If you wear hearing instruments of any kind, you've probably worn Ear Gear to places like the beach, golf course, hiking and biking trails plus many other places to enjoy the warm weather. Ear Gear's spandex blend material helps wick moisture away from the hearing device, preventing short circuits and corrosion. It also helps keep them safe from loss if you choose our Ear Gear corded models with their stretchy cord and durable locking clip that attaches to clothing. Even wind noise is dramatically reduced with Ear Gear to make activities like biking or driving in a convertible car much more fun. 


So the big question is: do these issues stop in cooler temperatures? 

Absolutely not! 

Hearing aids sitting under warm hats are still at risk of unwanted sweat. Exposed hearing aids are at risk for moisture from snow or rain. Wind noise is a problem for skiers, sledders and other fast paced winter activities. And loss? Well, that's always a risk. And a lost hearing aid in a snowbank is next to impossible to find.

Order your Ear Gear online right now so that you're ready to hit the hills, skating rink, trails and anywhere else you like to get out and enjoy winter! 



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