Corded Ear Gear - The Answer to Losing Your Hearing Aid

For those of you who wear hearing aids, losing or damaging a hearing aid can be a big worry. It seems there are so many ways this can happen!

  • I love to cycle--- but I’m worried about losing my hearing aid while I'm riding.
  • I don’t wear my device on the boat when I’m fishing because I’m afraid it will fall off into the water.
  • What about relatives living in nursing homes where communal living means things sometimes go missing?
  • Will my child lose his hearing aid during an upcoming school field trip?


These are common worries for those who rely on hearing aids because these devices are expensive (and a huge hassle) to replace.


The Solution to Losing Your Hearing Aid


Here’s the good news - there is a proven, wallet-friendly solution to protect against hearing aid loss. Since 2005, Ear Gear has been providing customers with the best, most inexpensive insurance they can buy: a combination hearing aid clip and cord coupled with a high-quality hearing aid sleeve.


What is Ear Gear?

Ear Gear is an acoustically transparent spandex sleeve that fits over your hearing instrument, serving as a protective cover to prevent damage and minimize wind noise.


The cover also protects the hearing aid from sweat, dirt, and moisture.


How Does Ear Gear Protect Your Hearing Aid from loss?

Ear Gear offers corded models, which include a stretchy cord with durable, strong, locking clips that attach to your clothing.


Whether you’re hitting the slopes, have a child going on a field trip, or want to make sure your mother doesn’t lose her device as she's going about her day, Ear Gear protects against damage and loss and offers huge peace of mind. In short, Ear Gear makes hearing aid accessories that protect your valuable device form damage or loss.


What about Ear Gear for kids?


In a study conducted by Karen L. Anderson, PhD & Jane R. Madell PhD, Ear Gear is rated the #1 retention device for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.


Trusted by the Experts

Our Ear Gear Corded models are trusted by hundreds of audiologists across the globe who recommend Ear Gear to their clients. Ask your audiologist if they’re an Ear Gear dealer and if they are, see if you can purchase a pair from them.


If not, browse through the various colors, models, and custom options Ear Gear offers on our website.


Oh, and did we mention that if you're not happy with your purchase for ANY reason, we provide an unconditional, hassle-free 1-year money-back guarantee.




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