Hearing Aid Clips: Are They All You Need?



What are hearing aid clips and are they enough to protect your hearing aid from damage or loss? At a cost ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 and up, hearing aids can be expensive. In addition to being costly, they’re small and fragile, which makes them extra susceptible to getting lost or damaged. One way to protect your hearing aid is to attach it to your clothing via a cord with a clip. These are very important pieces of medical equipment! In this article, we’ll take a look at clips for hearing devices, including what they can and can’t do when it comes to protecting your hearing aid or implant.

What is a hearing aid clip?

A hearing aid clip is a simple but very important hearing aid accessory. As the name implies, it’s a clip that is attached to a cord, which then attaches to your hearing aid or implant. Clips come in a variety of materials, such as metal or plastic. 

What are the benefits of clips for hearing aids?

Wearing a hearing aid clip can safeguard your valuable hearing instrument from accidental loss or damage while also being cost-effective. By securely fastening your device to your clothing, you can significantly reduce the risk of misplacing, dropping, or damaging your hearing aid or implant. This is especially important if you’re an active adult, or you have a child who wears a hearing aid and is active (as most kids are.)


In addition, hearing aid clips are much less expensive than hearing aid insurance or replacing a hearing aid. So, if you’re on a budget, a good hearing aid clip is a necessity.

What are the limitations of hearing aid clips? 

While hearing aid clips can be invaluable, they have some limitations. To begin, if the clip is made with low quality materials, it can break or not work effectively. In addition, if it doesn’t come with a locking feature, it can open by mistake, thus becoming ineffective. 


In addition, there are other limitations to just having a hearing aid clip for any device other than an in-the-ear hearing aid. For example:

  • A clip alone won’t protect your hearing aid from moisture or sweat damage. If you’re active or you live in a hot or rainy climate or you enjoy activities around water, your hearing aid can be susceptible to damage from moisture or sweat. The combination of a hearing aid clip with a hearing aid cover or sleeve can be the perfect solution. Ear Gear has hearing aid protectors that combine a high-quality sleeve that covers your device and is comfortable to wear with an elastic cord and locking clip. It’s the perfect combination to protect your device from moisture and sweat damage as well as loss.

  • A hearing aid clip won’t protect your device from dirt or dust. Similar to moisture and sweat, dirt or dust in your hearing aid can cause it to malfunction. So when it comes to protecting your device, the combination of a clip and cord with a cover or sleeve for your device can help protect it from both damage and loss.
  • A hearing aid clip isn’t enough to filter out wind noise. Another common issue that people who wear hearing aids deal with is wind noise. Again, Ear Gear’s hearing aid covers that combine a sleeve, a cord and a clip do double duty by preserving sound quality on windy days and protecting the device from getting lost.

What should you look for in a hearing aid clip?

Clips for hearing aids can be a very valuable accessory that protects your device from getting lost. But a clip coupled with a protective hearing aid sleeve or cover can be the winning combination that saves you time and money in the long run. Here’s what we recommend you look for when shopping for a hearing aid protector with a clip:

The hearing aid clip should be:

  • Easy to clip on and off. Whether you’re a senior with arthritis or a parent with a super-active child, the clip should be easy to use.
  • Available with a locking feature. A hearing aid is such an important and valuable piece of equipment that you don’t want a clip that is going to open easily. Ear Gear’s hearing aid protectors with clips, for example, come with a locking feature.
  • Made with quality materials that are designed and built to last. Ear Gear is so confident about the quality of our products that we offer a one-year, unconditional manufacturer’s guarantee, with money-back or exchange.

  • Gentle on your clothing. Inferior hearing aid clips can actually damage your clothing when attached. This is another area where Ear Gear excels. Our clips are durable and also gentle on your clothes when attached. As a bonus, the spandex-nylon blend sleeves are comfortable on your skin, reducing chafing behind the ears.

  • Equipped with a high-quality cord. The cord that your hearing aid clip attaches to is every bit as important as the clip itself. Ear Gear’s cords are made with a hypoallergenic elastic stretch cord that makes movement easy. Plus, they have a cinch ring for added security and comfort.
  • Available in colors and styles that suit your taste, needs and moods. Who says a hearing aid cover with a clip shouldn’t be a fashion accessory? If you’re going to wear one, it might as well match your outfit, whether it’s a black dress or your favorite sport team’s colors. This is another area where Ear Gear excels. We offer our hearing aid clips and covers in a variety of colors and patterns.


Hearing aid clips offer a very cost-effective way to ensure your valuable hearing device is protected from loss. But when you combine your clip with a high-quality hearing aid cover and cord, you have the winning combination. It’s no wonder that Ear Gear is the #1 must-have accessory for hearing device protection and security!

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