How to Install Ear Gear on any Hearing Aid Model

Ear Gear Micro, Mini, Original and FM are designed with two openings. One at the top for the ear hook, one at the bottom for access to the battery. To install Ear Gear onto your hearing aid, simply insert the tubing of the hearing aid through the wide end of the sleeve and slide the sleeve onto your hearing aid.

You may have to remove the ear bud or ear mold, then reattach it when the sleeve is on.


Ear Gear Cochlear (see illustration on right) is designed with three openings; one at the top of the ear hook, one in the center for the coil and buttons, and one at the bottom for additional stretch or an FM boot.  Insert the ear hook through the center opening up through the top opening, insert the bottom of the processor. 

Ear Gear Rondo is designed with an opening at the bottom. Simply insert the Rondo processor into the sleeve through the opening.

Ear Gear Baha has one square opening located at the center top portion of the sleeve and a larger opening on the bottom. Insert the stem of the processor through the square opening.

Ear Gear ITE (In the Ear), a hearing professional must first add a tiny eye loop onto the hearing aid. Open the spring clasp, and attach the Ear Gear to the eye loop.

Ear Gear Eyeglasses are designed for most models and come with one or two rubber O-rings on the back of the sleeve. Simply slide the arm of your glasses through the rubber O-rings. It's optional to use one or both of the O-rings. 

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