Protect Your Hearing Aids at the Beach

It's the time of year where summer getaways are in the planning stage. The beach is calling your name.  For most of us, our checklist for the beach covers the regular items: sunscreen, towels, flip flops, swimsuit, water, and snacks. Having these necessities stowed in the beach bag should get you through the typical beach day, problem-free.  


However, if you wear hearing aids, other concerns could cause problems through the day like splashing waves, humidity, sweat, and that sand - oh, that sand that gets everywhere! If you're going to the beach, you might want to give some thought to hear aid care.


How can you protect your hearing aids at the beach? 

Humidity and Hearing Aids

Where there's a beach, there's usually humidity. Maybe you've been told to avoid wearing your hearing aids when it's humid. The good news is, Ear Gear provides hearing aid accessories that are designed to let you enjoy the beach without worrying about hearing aid meltdown that could ruin your beach day.


If you haven't tried Ear Gear yet, you'll be happy once you do. Our hearing aid protectors are a must-have to stow away in your beach bag.  For one, Ear Gear protects against humidity. Our hearing aid sleeves wick away moisture, absorbing it into a soft spandex material, which keeps it away from the sensitive electrical components of your hearing aid. 

Water And Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids cannot withstand much water, even when they are labeled 'water-resistant.'  These types of hearing aids can be quite expensive and replacing them may not be in the budget just because of a few days at the beach! It's more cost-effective to get yourself a pair of Ear Gear, a water-resistant hearing aid accessory that protects your hearing aids against splashes and rain. 

Sand And Hearing Aids

Even on a calm day, sand gets everywhere.  On a windy day, you can be a mile away from a beach, and still find sand in your hearing aid - it's like a magnet. 

Avoiding sand at the beach is nearly impossible. Bringing Ear Gear with you is a must!  Ear Gear's protective sleeves trap the sand before it ever makes its way into the device.  Ear Gear is washable, durable and the most inexpensive insurance you can buy.  So, don't worry about getting it dirty.  Give it a good wash and reuse Ear Gear over and over.  

Sunscreen and Hearing Aids

Sunscreen is always needed when hitting the beach, but sunscreen can contain oils that may damage hearing aids.  We know the beach can be exciting and nobody (especially kids) has time to wait for sunscreen to absorb fully before putting the devices back on. Covering your hearing aids with Ear Gear will thoroughly protect your hearing aids from the oils seeping into the device. 

Sweat and Hearing Aids

The purpose of a day at the beach is to have fun in the sun.  It can get hot, very hot.  Sweat and hearing aids don't mix.  Just like the salt water coming off the ocean, sweat can do serious damage to the electrical components.  Ear Gear wicks sweat away, holding it within the sleeve to protect the hearing aid.  The material can only hold so much sweat and moisture. On a humid, hot day, we always recommend bringing two pairs of Ear Gear with you.  When one gets saturated with sweat, you can switch it out for a dry pair. 

A day at the beach does not have to be riddled with worry.  Get out and play with Ear Gear, an acoustically transparent spandex sleeve, available in corded and cordless options, in a variety of fun colors. 

Give it a try today! If Ear Gear does not work for you, for any reason, we offer a 1-year unconditional guarantee.  Simply return it to us for a refund. 
Here's to many great beach days this summer! Visit us online and get your Ear Gear before you go. 

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