Tips to Protect your Hearing Aids During Summer

Longer days. Popsicles. Sunny patios. Time off school. Ahhhh. Summer is here! If these summer treats aren’t your cup of iced tea and you have bigger plans like an overseas vacation, a week at the beach, a theme park, or a golf trip - we've got the hearing aid tips to beat the heat wherever your summer takes you! Your hearing aids need to be protected from not only the heat but what comes with it; sweat, dirt, sand, rain, humidity, lake or salt water, wind noise and even loss. 

Like most electronic devices, hearing aids are sensitive to high


heat and humidity. The electronic components are made of extremely delicate parts, allowing them to be lightweight yet effective at doing the job they’re meant to do. 


Aware of their “sensitive nature”, hearing aids don’t like to be exposed to direct heat, humidity or foreign objects like sand and dirt. They will let you know when they’ve reached their limit by giving you the silent treatment and shutting down... this is not what you want on your anxiously awaited summer vacation!


You could be hundreds or thousands of miles away from your audiologist and faced with the stress of finding help - quickly - so that you can get back to your favorite summer activities. 

Just how damaging can the summer be to your hearing instruments?


Shutting down is just one of the signs they’ve had just about enough fun in the sun. Also, some of the components can become deformed, causing the hearing aids to fit improperly. When hearing instruments don’t fit correctly, feedback can occur and you’ll have to live with that (uhm, no thank you!) or send your hearing aids in for repair.


Your hearing instruments may be on the sensitive side but are much needed to fully enjoy the summer.

So, what can you do to protect them from sweat, dirt, moisture, loss and even wind noise? 

Here are some tips to get through the summer with little to no damage to your hearing aids:


Remove hearing aids if swimming

It's best to leave your hearing aids out when taking a dip but sometimes you just want to hang out near the water, float on an inner tube or sit in a hot tub.  For this, we would recommend Ear Gear!  The double walled spandex sleeves protect all kinds of hearing aids from unwanted and surprising splashes. 


However, if your hearing aids take a dip along with you in the pool, act as promptly as you possibly can. Attempting to turn on a waterlogged hearing aid may cause additional damage to your device. Shut the battery door and remove the tube.


Try using a hearing aid tube blower to remove as much moisture as possible and dry on a towel. Again, prevention is the best course of action so always remember to pack (and wear) Ear Gear around any potential water hazards.



Watch out for sweat and humidity

Workouts will definitely cause sweat! Workouts outside under the hot summer sun? Double the sweat. Double up your sweat protection for your hearing aids during workouts with Ear Gear’s double walled spandex sleeve. It wicks away sweat and traps it, keeping it away from the delicate inner electrical components.  


If you sweat excessively, make sure you have a backup pair of Ear Gear. The sleeves can only hold so much moisture and you'll have to switch them out for a fresh, dry pair once they're saturated with moisture. 


Remember, even water-resistant hearing aids are susceptible to sweat and humidity making them vulnerable to bacteria. It's a good idea to use a disinfectant towelette to clean the surface of your hearing instrument even if protecting it with Ear Gear. Be sure to visit your audiologist, when needed, for a professional and thorough hearing instrument cleaning.

Keep your hearing aids safe and sound

Summer activities! Cycling, basketball, boating, running and several other activities require a hearing aid to hear friends and certain hazards like vehicles BUT these activities pose a higher risk of losing your hearing aids.  


Did you know Ear Gear is available with a strong stretchy cord with durable locking clip?


Install the sleeve onto the hearing aid and clip them to your clothing. If your hearing aid falls out, you don’t have to worry. By attaching the hearing instrument to your clothing with Ear Gear, it can’t go very far and it won't hit the ground.  It simply hangs safely around your neck until you can put it back onto your ear.  


Ear Gear also has an option to secure hearing aids to eyeglasses. Ear Gear for eyeglasses makes it easy for those who wear prescription or sunglasses to keep fit and active all summer long.


Buy the hearing aids that fit your lifestyle and protect them


We've come a long way in recent years with several hearing aids to suit almost everyone's budget and lifestyle. Speak to your audiologist and find the one that works for you.  Ear Gear understands that any hearing device is a big investment, so we urge you to protect them with an inexpensive solution like our sleeves and retention clips.  


Using Ear Gear, available in all models, sizes and various colors can dramatically reduce damage and loss to your hearing instruments. PLUS, Ear Gear keeps them clean, working better and longer, thereby reducing the costs and time for repairs. 





Ear Gear was invented to help people enjoy all of life’s activities without the worry of damaging your hearing aids. So go ahead! Get out and play. Spend the day at the pool, the beach, upside down on a rollercoaster, hiking through the mountains, on the golf course, Sunday drives in the convertible, and cycling!


Check out all Ear Gear products online. There is a model to fit every kind of hearing instrument, in a variety of fun colors that are perfect for all ages. Yes, we ship worldwide! 

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