Worried About Losing Your Hearing Aid? Hearing Aid Clips Are Your Answer!

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has never lost a hearing aid, then you haven’t experienced the sense of panic that comes along with it - we hope you never do.  For those of you who have lost a hearing device or worry about it, then hearing aid clips are your answer.  


Many of you may have had thoughts like:


“My child is going on a school trip, but I worry about him losing his hearing aid.”


“My elderly mother lives in a nursing home and her hearing aids keep going missing.”


“I love cycling, but my hearing aid is at a huge risk of falling off.”


“I don’t wear my hearing instrument on the boat while fishing because I’m scared it will fall into the water.”


Sound familiar? If so, we encourage you to look at Ear Gear.  Since 2005, we’ve been providing hearing aid wearers the best and most inexpensive insurance they can buy.  Ear Gear is an acoustically transparent spandex sleeve that fits over the hearing instrument.  This means that there is absolutely NO distortion of sound


The soft, comfortable, spandex sleeve also serves as a protective cover, shielding the hearing instrument from sweat, dirt, moisture, and even wind noise!


Now, we mentioned something earlier about reducing the worry of losing hearing aids, so where does that fit in? Ear Gear comes in both cordless and corded models.  The corded models include a stretchy cord with a durable, strong, locking clip that attaches the hearing aid to clothing.  Therefore, when skiing down the mountainside, biking to work, boating, or doing any other activity you enjoy, you don’t need to worry about losing your hearing aid.  Again, all while it’s protected from the elements. 


In fact, Ear Gear is recommended as the #1 hearing aid retention device for children in a study conducted by Karen L. Anderson, PhD & Jane R. Madell, PhD.  In this study, it was found that Ear Gear worked the best for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.


Ear Gear is not just for children.  People of all ages need hearing aid clips.  Hearing aids are expensive, and if there's an inexpensive option to protect them, why wouldn't you use it?  


Our hearing aid clips are trusted by hundreds of audiologists across the world who recommend Ear Gear to their clients.  Ask your audiologist if they’re an Ear Gear dealer to purchase directly from them.  Or visit us online HERE and browse through the various colors, models and even custom options Ear Gear offers.


If you’re not happy with your purchase for ANY reason, we provide an unconditional, hassle-free 1-year guarantee.


You have nothing to lose!


However, the peace of mind gained from using Ear Gear’s hearing aid clips is priceless. You’ll never have to worry about losing hearing aids while enjoying the sports you love, in the nursing home, on a school outing or out for a day of boating.

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