New Year Resolutions for Hearing Aid Wearers

We all make resolutions for the New Year, and hearing aid wearers might be familiar with these ones!

Wind: Great for Many Things but not Hearing Aids

Have you ever heard the loud, annoying sounds of someone blowing into a microphone? That's pretty much what hearing aid wearers experience on windy days, or even just riding their bike or riding in a convertible. You can imagine how enjoyable this is!

7 Reasons Ear Gear Makes Customers Smile

Ear Gear has been making customers smile for over 13 years for these 7 reasons:

Send Ear Gear Back to School to Keep Children's Hearing Aids Safe

Going back to school is a busy and exciting time for children, parents, and teachers. If you have a child who wears hearing aids or cochlear implants, it can be a bit worrisome too.

This Month's SuperHEARo is battling CHARGE syndrome and winning!

Ear Gear has been supplying its customers with hearing aid protection since 2005. Over the years, we have been sent numerous hearing loss stories and they are always unique. As we read through each story, we are in awe of the strength and determination of each individual SuperHEARo with the hearing loss plus the families surrounding those individuals.

The Awesome Benefits of Hearing Aid Clips for Glasses You Haven’t Thought About

You just purchased your brand new hearing aids. They look great. Your audiologist carefully explained how to care for them, how to keep them safe from the family dog and since you wear eyeglasses, mentioned hearing aid clips for glasses. You brought them home without the hearing aid clips for glasses because you thought maybe you should get used to them before purchasing any accessories.

6 Essential Tips for Protecting Your Children’s Hearing Instruments

Families of children who wear hearing instruments know all too well the stress and frustration of trying to care for the devices. Active kids can find it tough to be responsible and cautious, and they won’t always remember the procedures and rules you put in place to help protect their instruments. These tips may help to smooth the way.

The Top 4 Hearing Aid Issues and How to Prevent or Solve Them

Hearing instruments are delicate electronic devices that can do amazing things using revolutionary technology. As with any technology, hearing instrument users can experience some frustration in trying to keep devices comfortable, maintained, and reliable. Fortunately, many of the problems and issues common to hearing aid users can be prevented or solved with a little patience and the right tools including hearing aid clips.