Colorful Ear Gear and Hearing Aid Combo

Take a look at this color combo! Big thanks to @nicktedd on Instagram for sharing this photo. Awesome hearing aid accessories to show off your unique personality. That's what we do and love. 

Reduce Hearing Aid Wind Noise with Ear Gear

Even though Ear Gear may appear to be a cover to protect against dust and moisture, it also has another function.  The spandex sleeve reduces wind noise, giving people improved ability to understand speech during conversations in windy situations outdoors. We have received many testimonials from happy clients who attest that Ear Gear reduces wind noise and improves overall hearing.

Worried About Losing Your Hearing Aid? Hearing Aid Clips Are Your Answer!

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has never lost a hearing aid, then you haven’t experienced the sense of panic that comes along with it - we hope you never do.  For those of you who have lost a hearing device or worry about it, then hearing aid clips are your answer.  

Ear Gear's Website is Available in over 100 Languages

Have you looked at our website's homepage? No, have you really looked at it?

Customer Story: Burton Falk

These Ear Gear products are fantastic and work great while Im riding my motorcycle. First ride with the Ear Gear was on Route 66. No more wind noise or dirt getting into my hearing aids. Ear Gear looks great and fits great. Thank You EAR GEAR for a great product ! Burton Falk, NY, USA Hearing Professional: ASA Hearing - Product worn: Ear Gear Mini

Hearing Aids Go Missing - Prevent It With Ear Gear

Think you're the only one who has lost a hearing aid? Maybe more than one hearing aid? You're not. Google "hearing aid loss" and you'll get hundreds of results full of advice on what to do when you've lost one of your important (and expensive) devices. However, only Ear Gear can tell you how to PREVENT losing a hearing aid. 

Does Ear Gear Improve Hearing Aid Wearing Experience?

For over 13 years, we've been selling hearing aid protection and have heard numerous stories from our customers. They frequently write in to tell us how Ear Gear has saved their hearing instrument's life, protected it at the beach, while golfing, and more. Ear Gear takes the beating while your hearing aid stays safe from sweat, dirt, moisture, loss and wind noise.

New Year Resolutions for Hearing Aid Wearers

We all make resolutions for the New Year and hearing aid wearers might be familiar with these ones! 

Are Ear Gear Products Acoustically Transparent?

Ear Gear is a spandex acoustically transparent washable sleeve that protects hearing instruments from sweat, dirt, moisture, loss and wind noise. Ear Gear improves the wearer's hearing instrument experience and is the best form of inexpensive insurance available. Ear Gear has various models for all sizes of BTEs as well as for Cochlear Implant, Baha, and ITE wearers. Available in 8 fashionable colors plus custom options in corded and cordless and mono models. Ear Gear models for eyeglasses are also manufactured.

Ear Gear - Not Just for Summer!

If you wear hearing instruments of any kind, you've probably worn Ear Gear to places like the beach, golf course, hiking and biking trails plus many others to enjoy warm weather. Ear Gear's spandex material helps wick moisture away from the hearing device preventing short circuits and corrosion. It also helps keep them safe if you choose to use Ear Gear corded models which have a stretchy cord and durable locking clip that attaches to clothing. Even wind noise is dramatically reduced by installing Ear Gear onto the hearing aid to make activities like biking and driving in a convertible car much for fun.